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torchwoodsunday's Journal

Torchwood Sunday Challenges
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Torchwood Sunday (challenges)
Welcome to Torchwood Sunday, a unique challenge community based around the wonder that is Torchwood

Current Challenge: No challenge set yet

Help Thread // Previous challenges // Hall of fame

Please note, Torchwood Sunday is sometimes shortened to TWS for less hassle.
There are lot’s of Torchwood challenge communities, why is TWS so different? TWS is different because we offer a wide variety of challenges every Sunday which will always be totally different to the last. We do not tie ourselves to one branch like many other Torchwood communities, we set challenges for fiction, icons, graphics, prose and much much more. So to put that in black and white, we are not an ‘all fiction’ or ‘all icons’ challenge community, we are a mixture of absolutely everything.

So why is this so special? We believe that with this method of challenge, we will be able to unite all different creators of rich media and fiction together and create an exciting community where the talents of everyone can blossom.

Who can join? Absolutely anyone, you don’t even have to be willing to participate in challenges, you can just be known as a member of the community and be able to watch the community for updates.

How many challenges are there a week? and when are they put up? There is one challenge a week put up at around Sunday 12:00am

When does the challenge finish? The challenge finishes about an hour before the next one starts (normally at about 11:am)

Where do I post my challenge entry? You may post it in the community, or you can post it elsewhere. It doesn’t matter as long as you have linked to it in the original challenge post.

I really want to do your latest challenge, but I’m rubbish! We don’t care how bad you are, the more the merrier we say. Just do the challenge at the best standard you can manage, we will be grateful and your work will be appreciated.

Are there prizes? The challenges are mainly for personal benefit and to create ideas for work. However, we do give out some awards for outstanding work.

I have better things to do with my time! Good for you

If you have any other questions or enquiries please visit the Help Thread
Rules and general guidelines
We go by pretty basic rules, and a very common code of conduct.

- Do not use the community for anything off topic, only post your challenge entries here (You may however comment on challenge entries and go completely off topic in comments)
- Be nice and friendly and do not insult or be hostile towards any other member
- Keep bad language down to a minimum (this does not apply to fics, we love sweary fics)
- Use proper english language and grammer and not txtspk lyk dis
- Try to keep text formatting down to a minimum and only use the Bold, Italic and Underline formats
- Do not moan about the community or any other related coms, if you don't like it, get out.
- Acquaint yourselves with the general LJ rules and TOS
Embarking on a challenge and how to post a challenge reply
So a challenge catches your eye one week, what to do?
Well firstly read through the whole of the challenge requirements and see if you are able to take it on.
Complete whatever task the challenge asks you to do, whether a fic, icon collection or anything else and then post it to LJ.
You do not have to post your challenge reply just here, you can post it in other communities as well, just as long as they know where you got the challenge from and we can see that you've done the challenge.
If you want to post in another community and then post an entry here and link to there then we recommend you post at the torch_wood community.
Remember to keep bulky entries behind a LJ-cut.
If the challenge was an icon collection or graphics, please keep to a maximum of 3 images as your preview.
Once you're all done and posted, return to the challenge post and reply in a comment to a link to your entry.
This is very important as if you don't do this we will not know if you have entered and therefore will not be able to receive a possible prize.
And you're finished.
Torchwood Promotional Images at BBC Torchwood Website

High quality screen-caps at Torchwood Time and Space

Fonts at dafont.com

Fic inspiration at torchwood_fic

Icon textures at icon_textures
britishdrama whatsonyouripod torch_wood

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Torchwood Sunday - a unique TW challenge community

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