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Torchwood Sunday Challenges
Challenge 001 - Crazy ship drabble [FIC CHALLENGE] 
25th-Feb-2007 09:54 am
Challenge 001 - Crazy ship drabble [FIC CHALLENGE]

Write a drabble (100 word fic) about a totally ludicrous ship, can be any pairing (including Myfanwy)


-Must be 100 words, but a maximum of five words over or under if needed.
-Must not be stolen, and has to be writen for this challenge and not an already written fic.
-Must be completed before 4th March 2007 - 11:00 (GMT)

Visit the uder info for information on how to post your challenge entry.

Thankyou and good luck!

(Please post a link to your challenge entry in a comment to this entry)
25th-Feb-2007 07:16 pm (UTC)
Here you go, guys. I warn you, the pairing is EXTREMELY weird!

Title: Taste of Time
Author: LadyFireSprite (me!)
Rating: PG (there's some suggestive stuff)
Warnings: Mentions of Het; possible spoilers for "Captain Jack Harkness"
Pairing: Real!Captain Jack/Romana II
Words: 105
Summary: A Time Lady knows what she wants and always goes after it.


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